Minggu, 08 November 2009

Hundreds of Support Facebookers Commission, Detention Bibhit - Chandra Suspended

Hundreds of pages a user (the website) social networking in cyberspace "Facebook" rallies held to support two non-active leadership of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Chandra Hamzah and Seed Rianto Samad. Demonstrations that followed the users of social networking Facebook pages from various backgrounds and ages were held in Bundaran Hotel Indonesia, Jakarta, Sunday morning. Although the event is initiated by Facebookers Care Forum's Justice Commission has begun around 0800 pm, but since at 07:00 pm has a lot of action participants gathered around Bundaran Hotel Indonesia so slightly disturbing the smooth flow of traffic. At around 07:20 pm some of the participants of the action with the exercise, called "Healthy Indonesia Gymnastics against Corruption". Meanwhile, in another part of Indonesia conducted Bundaran Hotel oration and interactive dialogue about the case at hand Seeds and Chandra.
A number of posters and banners crocodile and lizard picture also looks brought the participants. According to information from the page of the Traffic Police Directorate of the Metropolitan Jakarta Raya action would last until 12:00 pm. Post-oration and interactive dialogue participants are scheduled to march from the front of the Deutsch Bank building to the Commission office with the Jl Imam Bonjol, Menteng, and Jl HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan. Meanwhile, on Saturday (7 / 11) at around 06:30 pm Movement One Million "Facebookers" has reached the target with 1,000,000 garner support. "This is the beginning," said the initiator of the movement, Usman Yasin, in an interview on Metro TV in Jakarta, Saturday morning. Movement One Million "Facebookers" initiated by Usman Yasin on October 29, 2009 incident was triggered by the KPK arrests two head off, Bibit Samad Rianto and Marta Chandra Hamzah as assessed Police Headquarters to obstruct the investigation. The movement was not only received a positive response from the community in the country, but also the citizens of Indonesia (WNI) which are outside the country. Seeds and Chandra finally suspended detention by Police Headquarters since Tuesday (3 / 11) night.

source: kapanlagi

Selasa, 03 November 2009


It may be that this paper was published too early. Such views, of course true. Government Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono - Boediono alone, not even a hundred day run. But there's nothing wrong, because the new Golkar Party organization change management outfit. Like a bus, the Golkar Party often slip the clutch when facing a high rise. Halting and cause burning smell. When the clutch repaired, before the next hill, carburetor impaired. The rate of the bus was a little restrained.

That mirror driven vehicles by many mechanics. Each mechanic has the authority based on knowledge and different styles, of course legitimate. Not only limited to that, the mechanics also have a different understanding. Especially in the matter of purpose. Proper understanding of the mechanics correctly, that their sole purpose, namely the bus to each very tokcer. Thus, the passenger can smoothly deliver on the goal, without the constraints in the middle of the road.

When the New Order stepped down as the holder of the reins of government, Golkar expected
many will fall from the national political arena. Almost no day without a "judge" Golkar. However, many politicians and political observers who had to swallow back his view. Proven banyan tree is never cut off completely from the roots. In the era of the critical and crisis, in 1998, Golkar through the national Council transformed into the Golkar Party. Akbar Tanjung, former Chairman of the PB HMI appears as chairman for the party's policy control. Heavy waves that hit the Golkar Party, did not make Akbar Tanjung lose mood and improvisation.


After going for so long, eventually head of the Police General (Pol) Bambang Hendarso Danuri apologized for his statement the Head of Criminal Investigation Body Komjen Susno Duaji about "lizard and crocodile." He asked the media no longer use the term "lizard" and "Crocodile" is to describes the institutions and the Police Commission.

An apology (which despite the late impression) delivered in a meeting with the Chief editor of the mass media in the Office minister, Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Monday (2 / 11).

"I requested that the term-alligator lizards do not continue. Because we actually become part of it," said Chief of Police.

Bambang stressed, many members of the police investigators in the Commission. Including some one-star officers and two stars. "I was part lizard, KPK investigators are also our members," he said.

In a statement, Chief of Police does not even mention the name of a person Susno who gave the term. He said it was a mistake made by actors. "That person police, so that one of our members. Rather than institutional representation. Police have never used that term. We apologize, "said Chief of Police.

Of these elements, Chief of Police will take action asserted, "We will follow up internally on the lizard and crocodile statement," he added.

As is known, the term "lizard" and "Crocodile" was out of his mouth when the case Susno sticking Century Bank. At that time Susno furious because her phone was bugged by the Commission. "lizard going to fight the crocodile," said Susno time. Later, the term became icons in the media and a number of people who support the Commission.

About the meeting at the minister, the Minister of Communication and Information Tifatul Sembiring explained, accompanied by Chief of Police investigators. Investigators say a few things openly. However, the statements that there was a warm place to be quoted, and some are prohibited.

"There are off the record and on the record. Please also asked the leadership of you," he said.

In the meeting, the leaders of the mass media also conveyed the request of surety Bibhit and Chandra. Demand is also accompanied by a signed letter of media leaders as collateral.

Besides demanding the release Bibhit and Chandra, the chief editor also pairs agency action. The present chief editor of self-liberation was willing to pledge Bibhit and Chandra.

Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009


After the audition was set by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) to filter the attendants. Without hesitation, SBY submit the composition of United Indonesia Cabinet II.

United Indonesia Cabinet II is presented President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in a press conference at the Merdeka Palace, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (21/10/2009). Here are the names of United Indonesia Cabinet Minister vol II:


1. Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security: Marshal (Ret.) Djoko Suyanto
2. Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs: Hatta Rajasa
3. Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare: R Agung Laksono
4. Minister / State Secretary: Sudi Silalahi


1. Minister of Home Affairs: Gamawan Fauzi
2. Minister of Foreign Affairs: Marty Natalegawa
3. Defense Minister: Purnomo Yusgiantoro
4. Minister of Justice and Human Rights: Patrialis Akbar
5. Minister of Finance: Sri Mulyani
6. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources: Darwin Saleh
7. Minister of Industry: MS Hidayat
8. Minister of Trade: Mari E. Pangestu
9. Minister of Agriculture: Suswono
10. Minister of Forestry: Zulkifli Hasan
11. Minister of Transportation: Freddy Numberi
12. Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries: Fadel Muhammad
13. Minister of Manpower and Transmigration: Muhaimin Iskandar
14. Minister of Public Works: Djoko Kirmanto
15. Minister of Health: Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih
16. National Education Minister: Mohammad Nuh
17. Minister of Social Affairs: Salim Al Jufri Segaf
18. Minister of Religious Affairs: Suryadharma Ali
19. Minister of Culture and Tourism: Jero Wacik
20. Minister of Communication and Information: Tifatul Sembiring


1. Minister of Research and Technology: Suharna Suryapranata
2. Minister of Cooperatives and Community Activities Unit: Syarifudin Hasan
3. Minister of Environment: Gusti Muhammad Hatta
4. Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection: Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar
5. Minister of Administrative Reform: EE Mangindaan
6. Minister of State for Development of Disadvantaged Regions: Ahmad Helmy Faishal Zaini
7. Minister for National Development Planning / Head of the national development planning: Armida Alisjahbana
8. Minister for State Owned Enterprises: Mustafa Abubakar
9. Minister of Youth and Sports: Andi Alfian Mallarangeng
10. Housing Minister: Suharso Manoarfa

Ministerial level of Officials

1. Head of State Intelligence Agency: General (Ret.) Sutanto
2. Head of Animal Welfare Strategy: Gita Wirjawan
3. Chairman of the Work Unit Monitoring and Control President Development: Kuntoro Mangkusubroto


Political ideology is a collection of ideas, ideas and a comprehensive vision about the formation, distribution, management and use of power in society, especially the state. Referring to the idea of Indonesia's first president, Sukarno, at least there are three political ideologies that dominate Indonesian society, the Nationalists, Muslims and Marxists.

Nationalism comes from the word nation means a nation or group of people who become legal residents of a country. In the 18th century the word "nation" became more widespread after the Parliament means that the French Revolution called themselves the "Assemblée Nationale" which marks the transformation of political institutions, from the nature of which is reserved exclusively for the nobility to the egalitarian nature of the class in which all reached the right The same with the upper class in politics. Nationalist ideology is understood that creating and maintaining the sovereignty of a nation with the concept of realizing a common identity for a group of people.

Religious own has become the hallmark for Indonesia. Since the beginning of the historical development of the Indonesian people, Indonesian society has embraced polytheism. Polytheism literally comes from the Greek and theoi poly meaning many gods. Polytheism as a form of belief that recognizes the existence of more than one God is the explanation for the fondness many Indonesian people to this point to things that smelled of occult, mystical and supernatural. In the subsequent history of Islam to be the biggest religion embraced by the people of Indonesia. As a religion that has a holistic concept, the discussion of Indonesian society's view of life can not be separated from the ideology of Islam.

Marxism is the political philosophy and practice derived from the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. According to the ideology of social change towards a classless society begins with the awareness and the struggle of the proletariat is always persecuted by the bourgeoisie. As a nation that before the independence era of constant persecution Dutch capitalist imperialist powers, then Marxism became the inspiration for some young people in Indonesia's independence struggle.

Efforts to clarify the Nationalist ideology, Islam and Marxism recorded in the writings of Sukarno in Indonesia Suluh Young in 1926 to rationalize that nationalism, Islam and Marxism have similar interests is against capitalism and Western imperialism. Previously, Tan Malaka spoke to Communism (as a manifestation of Marx's thought by Lenin) is not hostile to pan-Islamism, because of the common vision in the resistance against the capitalist. A Marxist speech was delivered at the Indonesia Fourth Congress of the Communist International (Comintern) on November 12, 1922.

Source: Ahmad Heryawan Tepas

Kamis, 14 Mei 2009

My heart

A secret love
then came preoccupied ...
Whether this is how long I'll take it ...
You Really hope my love for this to end ...
Sometimes my own reflection in solitude my evening ...
There is only a shadow of your sweet face ...

Need I beg to love would not be mine ...
A love that saved me for so long is a fantasy for a moment ...
The name of love I have sworn to me he will keep my life ...
Love that for so long ... I hope now is in front of my eyes ...
Remember me just eternal love and sincerity that I gave him ...
Gently caress you love me I remember until my last breath ...
Wonderful memories with him ... happy and peaceful heart feels ...
Had fond memories of this would be extinct swallowed me take time until I die ...